Regardless if it is a ten-minute plan to brush your teeth and get dressed or an elaborate step-by-step itinerary, a morning routine is an excellent way to start your day. Here are 5 reasons to follow a morning schedule.



Following a set schedule will do wonders for your morning productivity. Productivity is typically not the first thing on most people’s mind at 6 AM. By planning out your activities in advance, you save yourself the need to make decisions in the morning. As you become accustomed to your schedule, your daily tasks will become a habit and your efficiency will skyrocket.




Time Management

Most people wake up at the same time everyday, however by allocating a time frame for your activities, you will begin to manage your time more effectively each morning. For example, you will learn exactly how long eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, and getting dressed takes you each day. After assigning yourself an allotted time for each activity, you will save valuable time each morning.




Form Good Habits

Anything you add to your daily task list will become a habit with time. Consider adding a healthy breakfast, devotional, or time of meditation to your morning schedule. This time period will prove vastly beneficial to your life by simply dedicating 5 minutes to your mental or physical health.




Avoid Procrastination

You will be so focused on following your routine, you will no longer feel the urge to check social media or otherwise waste time. This does not mean you cannot check news or social media, if necessary, merely fit these activities into your timeframe. A highly regulated schedule is the perfect proponent to productivity and efficiency regardless the activity.





Following a strict itinerary adds structure and self-discipline to your life. You will learn to hold yourself accountable for dealing with distraction and deviating off course. As any member of the military can attest to, a rigorous schedule promotes a high level of self-discipline.





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